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We bring expert instructors to your hospital to teach you POCUS using live models and task simulators
for 1 to 100 learners

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Bedside training in POCUS without travel

POCUS is the new stethoscope, and you, your colleagues, and your patients will benefit from POCUS now and into the future. 

Is your patient's stomach empty? Am I truly ventilating both lungs? Is the bladder full?  In holding, the OR, and PACU (not to mention Pre-op clinic, ICU and ED) POCUS not only completes your exam, it eases your mind about the problems that haunt every anesthesia provider.

Travel to a national course to learn POCUS?  No!

Continuing education is vital to your success and your patient's safety. Travel is not!  As we have done for nearly 30 years, AOD brings expert instructors to you, to teach you right at home in the workplace. You avoid travel and  lodging costs, missed work days and missed family time.  Your costs are limited to a fair tuition, typically less than paid at a national course. AOD sets tuition based on your group size - the more learners, the lower the tuition. 

brown wooden table and chairs


We wish we could give you a flat-out rate for the POCUS@home course.  But every group and every course is unique. After we gather a small amount of information about your needs, a group-cost estimate can be generated. Factors include number of learners,  your location, instructor availability & Travel, and CE /CME needs.* Tuition can be as little as $500 per learner. POCUS@home-Solo, our one-one course will have higher costs. (note that AANA and ASA charge $800 and $1500 respectively for for component courses - and this does not include your travel and missed work days)

* This course is approved for 8 hours of CE from AANA. Accreditation for CME  is sought on a course by course basis.  When CME accreditation available, this course qualifies towards Part 2 of the ABA Diagnostic POCUS certificate program.


What will my group learn in the POCUS@home program?

The POCUS@home curriculum is customizable. Your instructor will teach the topics that are most important to you and your practice. Based on your customized curriculum, your group size,  and other factors, POCUS@home will plan a didactic and hands-on practice schedule. 


What are the logistics of the course? 

The POCUS@home course will include both didactics and hands-on practice. For the convenience of all,  lectures are typically delivered in an evening or weekend virtual meeting prior to the instructors' travel to your location.  The number of instructors and time needed for personal, hands-on attention to each learner  will be determined. Extra time for those who want more instruction is built into every schedule.